Monday, May 7, 2012

Tinting Smart

When you as a consumer are considering having your car professionally tinted there are many things to consider. The size of your car, what type, and how many windows you would want tinted. Which product manufacturer would best suit your vehicle and special tinting preference? Which website are you purchasing the tint from and are you getting the best deal? It is always necessary to have in mind the key factors that will result in a professional tinting job well done. Deciding on the few necessary components that make up a professional tint will help you have a good Idea of how much you are looking to spend. Depending on your setup and preferences, your price will normally range from $80 to $450.
Heat protection percentage is important to decide on when choosing window tint. The amount of heat protection needed depends on the climate and whether in the area that you live in. Geographic locations with high heat above 90 degrees at some points during the year would call for at least a 45 percent heat protection. On the other hand, in a more neutral whether climate only about 30 percent heat protection is recommended. The price of tinting film with a high heat protection percentage is usually above $250, whereas a mid level protection film would cost closer to $150 on any standard four door vehicle.
The two main types of window tinting material are crucial to the decision making process when purchasing tint for you vehicle. Each of the two types gives the car a specific look as a whole. The polyester dye material is the more common, standard material that is used by many consumers as they would like to go a cheaper route but still maintain a sporty look. The benefits of choosing polyester dye are the price breaks and common warranties that most professionals offer along with the tint. The second kind of window tint material that ensures a sleek, more luxurious look to the vehicle is carbon and ceramic. Tint made with these materials give a sharp look but can cost up to $400 dollars for a normal sedan application.
It is always good to have a warranty along with your tint and there should be two types with every combination of purchase and install. The manufacturer's warranty guarantees the consumer coverage over any problems with the film, such as diminishing shades or color fading. The installer's warranty guarantees the consumer a replacement install of the tint due to any rips, bubbles, or peels if a tinting job is poorly done on your vehicle. Make sure that your manufacturer and your installer provide warrantees on the tint and installation to ensure coverage. Some installers offer a lifetime warranty while others offer only one to a few year warranty. Varying prices on warranty are normally discussed with the installer. The same goes for the manufacturer.
Research is crucial when planning to tint your car, and all of the factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing your tint setup will combine to put your price anywhere between $100 to $400. You are the consumer, and the results are in your hands.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Accessorise Your Car - Stand Out Among Other Road Users

Our cars are an extension of our personality and we like to accessorise them to reflect us and our style. There are plenty of ways we can do this from cheap and cheerful to full on no expense spared. Whether you have a cute little run around or an oversized people mover accessorising it can make driving just that little bit more enjoyable.
Adding to the stock standard model can also make us stand out from the crowd and this can be just for fun or for business purposes, which can also be beneficial from a promotional point of view. Some of the ways we can accessorise our cars are listed below:
Eye Catching Mag Wheels
The wheels don't only have to serve a functional purpose, they can also be a statement. There are a wonderful array of sizes and styles available, you can even choose a different colour from the standard chrome. Having eye catching mag wheels will definitely make a statement. The downside of mag wheels are the initial cost and the extra care they require to keep them looking good.
Car Seat Covers
From the beaded covers favoured by taxi drivers to the plush sheep skin ones, you can find a car seat cover to suit you perfectly. You'll be able to choose your favourite colour or even a fun design and there are a wide range of fabric choices too. Sometimes car seat covers are used to cover over old and worn seats but mostly it's to show our personal style a little more. Although these are a low cost solution they are only visible when you car is parked.
Personalised Car Licence Plate Frame
A personalised plate can definitely add a bit of your personality to your car, however you are limited to just the six characters to try and convey your message. With a car licence plate frame you have a lot more scope to add your favourite saying, a website address, or any other message you want to share. A car licence plate frame is also a great marketing opportunity for your business as well as being a low cost way of personalising your car.
Stylish Signwriting
Having your car sign written is usually reserved for businesses however there's no reason why you couldn't have this done just to show off your personality. Flames have always been a favourite, however these days you can have just about anything you heart desires. The upside of sign writing is that it's a bold statement, however the downside is it can be quite a costly exercise and is not transferable if you buy another car.